Sep 112018


Gravesend … riverside resting place of Princess Pocahontas and gateway to London.   And home of a championship petanque rink at the Gravesend Rugby Club where the Rotary clubs of Gravesend and Northfleet gathered in late August to battle for the annual championship cup.

According to the meteorologists the long hot summer had finally come to an end some days before… tell that to the teams out under a blazing sun.

Rotarians, wives, partners, families and friends all joined in do  their best as the metal boules grew weightier and the perspiration poured
until finally the Northfleet club was pronounced victorious and everyone staggered back in to the club house for most welcome refreshment.

Like all good friendly matches the inter-team comments on their opponents had been as  intense as expected and the post match cries of
“we wuz robbed” by Gravesend meant that Northfleet now have the honour of hosting next years event.

Which will be the first Continental game to be played by these British teams outside the EU!

How will that be,  will it  be allowed they ask…watch this space!

Bob Denby