Jun 042015

Hive Hope foodbank 2015 May sDeborah and Jeff Keys with a band of willing helpers open up the Hive Food Bank every  Wednesdays and Thursdays to help local residents  who cannot quite make ends meet.

On Thursday 4th June 2015 the Hive Food Bank celebrated its 1st birthday and  Deborah and Jeff Keys welcomed the President of the Rotary Club  of Gravesend John Baker who presented them with a  cheque to mark the event.

In thanking President John for the club’s  continued support Deborah said  “the day  has brought mixed emotions. We are glad that we are able to help those who cannot manage  but are sad that the need is there.

“We operate independently from the Trussell Trust in Gravesend ” she said, “we fill a local need not only for food but also for guidance towards other organisations that can help those in need”.

Since June 2014 around 1,000 clients have been helped and bags of food have been collected from  organisations such as Sainsbury’s Pepper Hill Superstore, local churches and shops  together with donations from the general public

“We help our clients as long as possible” said Deborah, “the majority are able to get back on their  feet within a month but we cannot let families and children starve just because we have reached a certain date in a calendar. We do not duplicate or encroach on the wonderful work done by the Trussell Trust in Gravesend but the need is such here in Northfleet that  anything we can do is welcome.

President John Baker  said that “Our club was formed over 80 years ago to serve the people of Gravesend. Today the needs of our local community is still our prime consideration and we are proud to be able to help Hive Hope whenever we can .

Bob Denby (photo John Dyke)