Rotary International is a World-wide association of local clubs for men and women in business and professions who:-

  • Serve the local, national and international community
  • Membership (4)Encourage high ethical standards in all vocations and
  • Work together for goodwill and peace throughout the World

Rotary includes all political, religious and cultural groups.

There are 1,200,000 Rotarians in 166 countries. In Great Britain and Ireland there are 58,000 Rotarians.


What we do

Rotary was not started as a fundraising organisation and we still try to give personal service wherever we can. But now that the needs of the community are being increasingly served by government and public bodies, funds that we raise are being used to support indi­viduals and charitable organisations both local and international in their work.

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A fine example of our support for international aid is the drive to eliminate polio throughout the remaining few countries in the World where it is found. Funds raised by Rotary locally go to be combined with substantial donations by Bill Gates of Microsoft pledged because of Rotary’s world-wide commitment to End Polio Now.

Locally we are best known for our annual sponsored cycle ride which in the last 24 years has raised over £400,000 for charities and has the reputation of being one of the best organised events in the South East. Riders of all ages come from across the UK and even beyond to help us raise money that has helped hospices, the Air Ambulance, disability help groups and to individu­als aiding their personal development:

We have supplied transport for outings, mock interviews for local school pupils, a competition to encourage tidy schools and promoting community safety.Membership (2)

Internationally the Gravesend club continues to support places in all parts of the World where help is needed in emergencies. Emergency boxes contain­ing shelter, water purification and considerable other survival gear have been funded most recently for Haiti and Pakistan where they give homeless families a new start. Medical equipment to relieve blindness, sewing machines to help make small African communities more self-sufficient have been sent through the Rotary international network that ensures the aid and equipment is delivered.

Business people and young people from different countries are brought together to encourage international understanding and promote peace.

Not forgetting the social side of our organisation with events, get-togethers, an annual conference of the 85 clubs in the district and many ways that you can be involved.

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