Oct 262023

Reflecting on an incredible Rotary weekend conference with our amazing Gravesham with Ebbsfleet Rotary Club! ✨🌟

We were honoured to be surrounded by remarkable individuals who share our passion for service and making a positive impact in our community. The knowledge shared, connections made, and experiences gained have truly enriched our lives and strengthened our commitment to Rotary’s cause.

Cheers to our Rotary family! 🥂✨ #RotaryConference #RotaryFamily #MakingADifference 

Oct 242023

🌷🌍 On World Polio Day, our Rotary Club of Gravesham with Ebbsfleet members came together to plant crocus bulbs, symbolizing our commitment to eradicating polio. 💜

These vibrant flowers represent hope and remind us of the progress we’ve made in the fight against polio. By planting these bulbs, we are spreading awareness and showing our dedication to creating a polio-free world.

Join us in raising awareness for this important cause. Together, we can make a difference and protect every child from this preventable disease. 💪🌍💜 #EndPolio #WorldPolioDay #RotaryImpact #gwerotary #graveshamwithebbsfleetrotary