Jun 302012

2012 Dartford ShieldJune 2012 – What a fine day at the Darenth Valley Golf Club, it was warm and the sun was out. We all had our coffee and bacon roll and after a little practice putting, the four of us from Gravesend were ready for action. Unfortunately there were a lot of people playing the course so progress was slow but on the good side, that gave us plenty of time to discuss at length such weighty matters as the various aspects of our golf swing, the problems we were having with our putting, the courses we had played at and the completions we had played in.

Although we battled on valiantly, only Adrian managed shine with a splendid effort in the “yellow ball” competition for which he gained the only prize for our club. John B and Colin scored well but were unable to wrestle any of the other prizes from the eventual winners (and we just won’t talk about my own score, only to say that I didn’t come last).

The day ended with us sitting down with sunburnt faces to a rather nice meal washed down with a glass of wine. We cheered and heckled as the other teams went up to collect their well earned prizes and finally thanked Gravesend and Meopham for organising the tournament. We said our farewells to our fellow Rotarians as the sun set on a truly wonderful day.