Sep 112019

Many children who rely on free school lunches during school terms risk being undernourished in the holidays if their parents cannot afford to feed them properly.

Hive Hope is a Northfleet charity that runs a food bank but it also provides free lunches for those children during school holidays. During August it did this twice a week.

Members of the Rotary Club of Gravesend helped Hive Hope with these meals, helping with setting up, food preparation and entertaining the children with games. “Our members enjoy helping their community by rolling up their sleeves and giving practical help.” said club president Andrew Moffat “This can give a greater sense of involvement and satisfaction”

More information about Hive Hope and Rotary’s contribution is below these photographs:

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About Hive Hope

Hive Hope is a charity created to provide hope to the residents of Northfleet and surrounding areas. This area has been identified as one of the neediest in terms of unemployment, low income and social deprivation. 

There are approximately 7,600 residents in Northfleet North, 4.3% are unemployed which compares with an average of 2.9% in Gravesham.

Our primary aim is to provide food for local people in crisis.  We also want to create a place where local people can help each other when times are tough and strengthen community ties. 

The need for an organization like Hive Hope is growing.  In five years we have fed over 1,200 different people on average seven times.  Hive Hope works with other organizations to signpost clients to a whole range of support services including advice on benefits, debt and housing and help with budgeting. 

Rotary has supported Foodbank financially for several years now which has helped us to cover our overheads and provide extras like our Christmas party for local children.

Last year we started offering “Make Lunch” as part of the TLG (Transforming Lives for Good) franchise.  In school holidays we provide free lunches, craft and games to children and their families.  So far this year we have run 13 sessions and served meals to 256 eligible children and 118 eligible parents (eligibility refers to entitlement to free school meals).  This has only been possible due to the sterling efforts of 28 volunteers.  12 of these have been Rotarians or their wives or children.  We could not have served anywhere near this number without the support of Rotary.

Rotary’s commitment to supporting Hive Hope has had a real impact on improving the lives of local people.  Thank you for all that you do.

Deborah Keys (Hive Hope)