Aug 092019

Former Prime Minister, Theresa May, paid tribute to Rotary’s work in eradicating polio, in particular to Judith Diment, Chair of the Polio Eradication Advocacy Task Force. It followed a question from Alistair Burt MP, a former Middle East and International Development Minister.

He asked: “Can I thank my Right Honourable Friend for her work supporting and overseeing the health programme which the United Kingdom delivers overseas, particularly vaccination, and most notably polio eradication vaccination for which she has herself  been internationally recognised, and which has saved and safeguarded millions of children’s lives across the world.

He asked: “Does she agree with me that the need to combat misinformation about vaccination is now perhaps as important as it ever has been? And would she …. note the importance of this programme ….

The Prime Minister endorsed Alistair Burt’s comments, adding: “My Right Honourable Friend’s reference about the work on polio enables me to congratulate and commend the work done by my constituent, Judith Diment, with Rotary International in their work against polio.

“It is important that we do combat the disinformation about vaccinations, and ensure that people are willing to have those vaccinations which will change their lives and which will ensure they can lead healthy lives, rather than succumbing to diseases and conditions that can have an impact on their lives.

“I am proud of the fact …. that we have legislated for 0.7% of Gross National Income to be spent on development aid overseas. That is an important element of global Britain, it is an important element of our standing in the world.”

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