Apr 252020

Our club has supported this local charity by financial donations for a number of years, and in addition in recent school holidays, members have been involved in “hands-on” help with the provision of hot meals during School holidays for the less fortunate youngsters.

The present Covid-19 pandemic rules have put a stop to the latter, but the Hive Hope Food Bank in Northfleet is still operating.

There is the expected reduction in donations, particularly at the Supermarket donation point, which is down by as much as 50%, and this is coupled with a very substantial increase in the number of people who need help during the ongoing lockdown.

Our club is keeping close contact with Deborah Keys who runs the charity. Some of the loss of donations is being made up by financial help from regular donors. Members of our club are making personal donations to assist in these most challenging times. We send every good wish to all the helpers at this charity, its donors and the families that are being helped.

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John Baker