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The school’s motto

On Wednesday 26th June 2019 the Rotary Club of Gravesend received a cheque for £1069.80p from the pupils and staff of Cecil Road School, Gravesend.  This money was raised for the  ShelterBox Charity, the Rotary inspired organisation which sends boxes of  emergency supplies  to areas stricken by natural and man made disasters  such as earthquakes, floods,  fire  and conflict.

Earlier this year Rotary club members gave a demonstration  of the boxes’ contents to the pupils and told them of what could be done for people after a disaster. The school council  then decided to raise the £600 needed to  buy  a box of supplies  for  ShelterBox which would then be forwarded to the next disaster zone. The contents include a  tent  for a family of ten people  and all they will need to  live when they have lost everything.

Rotary Club President Tony Muckley handing the ShelterBox certificate to Emily

Blankets and mosquito nets, tools to rebuild their home,  pots and pans to cook the food supplied by other specialist relief organisations and essential items like water purification equipment,  the contents of the green boxes have grown and been updated since they were first developed  by a British Rotary club member  from Cornwall in 2000. Now whenever a disaster occurs a specialist volunteer team is sent out to  assess the needs of the survivors and arrange for the delivery of the Green ShelterBoxes  from world wide storage depots. These depots have been established in critical points  throughout the known danger areas and updated so that response times are as short as possible. 

Rotary Club President Tony Muckley receiving the cheque from teacher Miss Apps

Staff member  Bernadette Vincent  explained how the  school council,  made up of   boys and girls representing all  school pupils,  organised varied events to raise the money including curry lunches and sponsored swims. The final total has bought not just one box but almost enough for a second as well.

Tony Muckley the current president of the Rotary Club of Gravesend ( pictured with the school council members), was handed the cheque  and  thanked the children for all their hard work.  “Our association with Cecil Road goes back  for many years  and we have always been impressed with the  pupils  willingness to help those in need.  Once again the children have shown  the way forward and should be   proud of the results of their efforts. On behalf of ShelterBox  I thank you all sincerely and I am honoured to be able to give the school a special certificate in recognition of their achievements”

Members of the school pupils’ council with staff and members of Rotary club of Gravesend

Back row left to right: Baani, Brooke, Sophie, Isabella, Sara, Simran, Ekamjot, Devan, Yuvi
Middle row left to right: Reggie, Akash, Leo, Finley, Daniel, Umutchan
Front row left to right: Rotarian John Baker, Head Teacher Mrs Vincent, Teacher Miss Apps, Emily, Rotary President Tony Muckley and Rotarian Andrew Moffat

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Bob Denby