Sep 222018

It was one o’ clock, on Sunday the 12th August and there was tension in the air that was tangible. The patchy clouds rolled overhead in the summer breeze showing the 21 yard pitch that nestled amongst the gardens towering trees – this would be the battleground.

Club pride was at stake here and while old friends laughed and joked as we enjoyed the lovely meal that Rochester ladies had prepared, there was no mistaking the determination in everybody’s eyes that this was going to be a hard fought game.

Rochester went into bat first and steadily piled on the runs while Gravesend’s bowling slowly whittled away at their batsmen. And then Gravesend got ready to show Rochester how to bat but suddenly, Rochester bowlers found their form and Gravesend wickets fell like matchsticks. In the wink of an eye it was over and the fellowship of Rotary shone as glasses were raise to the winners and President Tony Muckley presented the winner’s cup Rochester

John Dyke