Sep 042013

Bat & Trap August 2013

Sunday the 18th August, it was just after mid-day and the “Gravesend Trappers” were ‘chilling out’ before they took up the annual Bat & Trap challenge that had been laid down by the dreaded “Rochester Batters”. President Adrian, with a glass of red wine in his hand, got up and said “Follow me lads” as he led us onto to field of play. With a toss of a coin, us “Trappers” were put into bat first and managed a magnificent 33 points before we were all out. It was then that the “Rochester Batters” showed us why they are faced with such trepidation, they battled, they slogged, they batted in sunshine and in showers managing a match winning 36 all out. After the match we had a lovely meal in the marquee, which with the presentations, concluded a truly wonderful day. Despite losing by the narrowest of margins, the “Gravesend Trappers” (i.e. the Rotary Club of Gravesend) would like to thank the “Rochester Batters” (i.e. the Rotary Club of Rochester) for their hospitality and fellowship – and look forward to next year’s challenge.